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Companies over the world are still abiding the aftereffects of the Great Recession. Do not bet Apple amid them. Company placed record computer and iPhone sales. Its 2nd peak quarterly income add on record. Those jump effects helped base the company’s stock upwards.


There are some matters that could force this stock additional uprise. In its financial 4th quarter, which all over September Thirty, Apple made $1.67 billion, or $1.82 a deal. Those results were improving from its 4th quarter a yr before, when the company made $1.14 billion or $1.26 a deal. The iPhone Almighty sales bounded twenty-five pct yr across yr to $9.87 billion. The vacation period past yr was the just quarter in which Apple accepts e’er recorded more income. Analysts canvassed by Thomson First Call had anticipated the company to earn $1.42 a deal on sales of $9.2 billion. Apple has been knocked for broadly agitating further for thems computers than former companies and for not bidding a netbook, the newer, more micro laptops that incline to cost less than $500. The company still does not accept a netbook. But when it vamped its notebook computer line in June it curve costs crossed the board and appended novel boasts. The sales, which calculated for forty-six pct of Apple’s full profit, assisted lowly the company’s existent assess rate to twenty-six pct. Had Apple’s tax rank adjoined its late prevision of thirty pct, the company would have accounted profit of about $1.57 billion, or $1.71 a share.


Drug agents will not go after smoking patients or their canonic providers in states that admit medical marijuana, nether fresh legal guideposts to be brought out Monday by the Obama administration. The guideposts to be cut by the section act, even so, make it clean that agents will pursue people whose cannabis dispersion becomes on the far side what is allowable under state law or apply medical marijuana as a covert for former law-breakings, the functionaries told.

medical marijuana

14 states admit about exercise of cannabis for checkup aims: AK, CA, CO, Hawaii Island, ME, MD, Chicago, MT, Silver State, Land of Enchantment, Oregon, Ocean State, VT and Washington D.C.. Golden State comprises alone one of those as the far-flung bearing of dispensaries , jobs that deal cannabis and flush advertize their avails. CO likewise bears a lot of dispensaries, and Ocean State and NM are in the action of certifying suppliers, agreeing to the Marijuana Policy Project, a aggroup that advances the decriminalisation of marijuana exercise. US Attorney General Eric Holder told in March that he desired Fed police enforcement functionaries to act on those who assault some Fed and state police, but it’s not been acquit however that destination wishful arrange into apply. A three-page memoranda issuing the insurance is asked to constitute aired Mon to federal official prosecutors in the fourteen states, and besides to acme functionaries at the FBI and DEA. The memorandum, the functionaries told, accents that prosecutors accept astray delicacy in opting which casefuls to act on, and tells it’s not an adept apply of Fed workforce to engage those who are without a doubt in abidance on state police. The functionaries talked on qualify of namelessness because they weren’t lawful to discourse the eligible counsel ahead it’s brought out. “This is a great step up,” told Bruce Mirken, communicatings director for the Marijuana Insurance Project. “This alter in insurance acts the Fed authorities dramatically towards abiding by technological and pragmatic fact.” At the same meter, the officials told, the authorities will calm pursue those who practise medical marijuana as a cut through for former illicit action. The memorandum specially monishes that about defendants could cover old-fashioned drug allotting or former law-breakings trailing a medical marijuana job. Particularly, the memorandum advocates prosecutors to act on marihuana causas which affect force, the amerciable apply of pieces, dealing pot to fries, income washing or affair in former law-breakings. And altho the insurance memorandum accounts an alter in priorities out from engaging medical marijuana casings, it doesn’t reject the opening that the federal politics could still engage human whose actions are admitted below state law. The memorandum, officials told, is contrived to afford a feel of prosecutorial priorities to America. Lawyers in the states that admit medical marijuana. It bills that gage sales in the America are the biggest reservoir of money for fierce Mexican drug trusts, just adds that Fed police enforcement authorities have finite resources. Medical marijuana advocators have been apprehensive to catch just however the governance would apply candidate Barack Obama’s doubled hopes to shift the policy which state laws admit the apply of medical marijuana. Shortly later Obama took agency, Drug Enforcement Administration agents bust 4 dispensaries in Los Angeles, cuing mix-up about the ruling situation.

Legal – To the editor, the arguments put forward Google access to culture and the educational role of the service are false. Verdict December 18. The violent confrontation was between Google and the publishing Martiniere who filed a complaint against the search for violation of the reproduction right, copyright, trademark counterfeiting and parasitism.  The tone was set by what the lawyer editions of  Martiniere who accuse Google of having digitized and made accessible online 3 000 to 4 000 books in its catalog (found in American libraries) without authorization. “The Google system is illegal, it is dangerous and is damaging to the publishers.” Thundered Master Yann Colin. And to accuse the engine had “slavishly copied works without distinction and without any sort. The damage is considerable, because it is irreversible.” According to remarks reported by Monde. Applications for compensation are to match: the editor not require months of 15 million euros in damages and a fine of 100 000 euros per day per infraction.

Earns Google

From the Google side, the argument remains the same. The engine was first put forward his good faith, explaining that his purpose was the provision of information and culture to many, including print books. An argument rejected by the plaintiffs who see Google Print service primarily commercial. “This service is free for Google, is free to the user, but not for the advertiser,” pleaded Yann Colin. On the other hand, the Mountain View giant said the French court had no jurisdiction in this case because the scan takes place in the United States. He added: “what Google is absolutely legal. We have never denied that the Editions hold rights on paper works, but they never proved they had the rights to digital versions these works. ” The case was set deliberately until 18 December. Symbolic, the case could set a precedent and push Google into a corner. However, the firm still has a lot of strengths in his game. In Europe, the Google project has already received support from the EU Commissioner for Telecommunications. Viviane Reding and Charlie McCreevy, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, issued a joint statement after their meeting with Google. They believe that “Europe must open a new chapter in the field of digital books and copyright” lamenting that “only 1% of the books of European national libraries have been digitized. Moreover, in France, the National Library, having been cons, is currently in talks with Google to digitize its holdings. Its limited resources do not allow him to do alone. In the U.S., Google has reached an agreement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers to enable it to scan books from their catalog and publish excerpts on its Google Books. The U.S. Department of Justice and the New York court is currently considering the terms of the agreement under which Google will pay 125 million dollars. Germany, France and Italy contest the agreement, fearing it actually applies to all the publishing industry. Faced with such criticism, Google has agreed to combine two European delegates to register rights on the books provided by the agreement concluded in 2008 with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers.  And the Wall Street Journal, Google will eventually give up European works include in its draft agreement with the U.S. right holders. So books that are no longer available in the United States but are still in Europe will not be added to the catalog of Google Books, unless otherwise requested by the author. A principle that should apply to the catalog of  Martiniere

Having revealed its second site to enrich uranium, the Islamic Republic alternating demonstrations of strength and healing messages. Iran on Sunday again attempted to reassure the West about the peaceful nature of its new nuclear site, just hours after showing their strike force by conducting missile during military exercises. The head of the Iranian Organization for Atomic Energy (IAEC) Ali Akbar Salehi said that his country had no plans to expand to more than 5% uranium 235, a rate consistent with activities civil nuclear in a new plant under construction near Qom center. Iran already has a uranium enrichment plant at Natanz center. “If we wanted to do enrichment at a high level, we have not advertised the existence of this facility to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), he said. The current program allows Iran to enrich uranium to 5%. It takes fuel contains 90% uranium 235 fissionable to manufacture an atomic bomb. For its part, the representative of Iran to the UN agency, Ali Asghar Soltanieh said that the site currently contained “no nuclear material.” “Sites in Natanz, and Qom are complementary,” he said Firing short-range missiles.

Iranian Organization for Atomic Energy
Ali Asghar Soltanieh responded to criticism from Western countries who have ordered Iran to explain the plant, ensuring he has informed the September 21 IAEA of the existence of the second site to be operational within 540 days, whereas Tehran was not legally required to do so. Iran, which said Friday that this site has provided the following day he would be placed under IAEA supervision. Militarily, Iran fired three types of short-range missiles Sunday morning at the beginning of military exercises called “Great Prophet”, 4 by television English-language Press TV. According to the channel, these missiles Tondar (range of 150 km), Fateh 110 (200 km) and Zelzal (400 km). The air force commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Hossein Salami, said that missile Shahab-1 and 2  would be made Sunday night, before the firing of Shahab-3 on Monday. The Shahab-3 with a range of about 2000 km, is capable of reaching Israel. “Our missiles do not pose threats to our neighbors,” he emphasized, however. On September 21, reacting to statements by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, a senior Israeli government had said that Israel had given “no guarantee” to Moscow not to attack Iranian nuclear facilities. Sanctions Possible. The Western powers, who worried about the missile program of Iran, also accused of seeking to develop atomic weapons under cover of civilian nuclear program, which Tehran denies. Westerners have called upon Iran to shed light on its nuclear activities to the meeting on 1 October in Geneva with the Group 5 +1 (U.S., Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany), Otherwise it can no longer escape further sanctions. Israel and the United States has also not ruled out military option against the risk of a nuclear Iran.

Barack Obama made his debut before the General Assembly of the United Nations on Wednesday, but his speech extolling a new American diplomacy more open should find an audience educated by his first months as president and more skeptical than before.


In his first speech before the annual meeting of world leaders, Obama said “how he sees the international cooperation of the twenty-first century and talk about the need to move beyond old divisions to focus on the future,” announces the Ambassador of the United States to the United Nations, Susan Rice. After President George W. Bush, whose relations with the United Nations has been marked by serious quarrels, Obama should emphasize the need for cooperation to address multiple challenges: nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea, terrorism, war in Afghanistan, climate change, pandemic diseases …  But Obama will benefit, perhaps not even a priori favor at the time of his inauguration in January. From the earliest days of his presidency, Mr. Obama announced the closure of Guantanamo banned interrogation practices amount to torture, reached out to Muslims, committed effort to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian erected the fight against global warming great cause. “The United States has dramatically changed the tone, substance and practice of diplomacy at the UN, their approach to the UN as an institution and their approach to multilateralism in general,” says Rice. The idea is that the U.S. can only achieve that Iran stops its nuclear activities the more sensitive or that North Korea dismantle its nuclear arsenal. One of the guiding principles of diplomacy statements by Mr. Obama is that the United States will share their work, but in return expect others to do theirs. He recalled Tuesday at the UN precisely, urging rich countries and major emerging economies to act “together” against climate change. However, Mr. Obama, whose hands are tied by Congress, was kept fixed to the Americans, among the very firt polluters of the planet, a purpose other than to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gas emissions at their 1990 levels by 2020. The European Union and other rich countries blame the U.S. for not doing enough. The internal constraints are also evident when it comes to enacting new rules for financial system avoid a repeat of the economic crisis. These rules should hold the leaders of rich countries and major emerging economies when Obama held immediately after the UN on Thursday and Friday in Pittsburgh (East U.S.). One of those who could show more attention in the audience of Obama at the UN could be Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He should speak from the rostrum of the UN the same day that Mr. Obama, at a critical moment for relations between the two countries and the policy of the U.S. President. This policy was tested Tuesday when Obama brought together Israeli and Palestinian leaders without getting a boost in their negotiations. Employees of Obama argue that he has changed the image of the United States in the world, and polls in their favor.

The East European states fear (and not just the Atlanticists), that Washington was moving closer to Moscow in order to sacrifice them, and to reduce even further the importance of the region is still very low in the United States. Barack Obama’s decision was perhaps the worst of the Poles. advertisement Barack Obama recent decision to the United States withdraws from the much debated and Eastern Europe to install anti-ballistic missile defense system installation, arrange a number of areas in Washington’s foreign policy.


The official announcement is in the background that the proposed system on the one hand it is already unable to fulfill the tasks which have been established, and Iran has intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) rather than medium-and short-range missile development has placed the emphasis in recent times. The Czech Republic (radar), Poland (rocket) and a yet unnamed Middle Eastern country (an early detection radar system) to install complex from the beginning there were a number of critics, saying, in addition to the suspected Iranian nuclear atomic bombs were not able to protect the United States, even the extra sensitive issues between Washington and Russia in NATO against the tuner. The installation of the withdrawal decision in this context should be investigated. The Obama administration’s action since the appreciation of relations with Moscow. The Medvedev-management in many ways seems indispensable to the West. One reason is Afghanistan, where the gradually growing international force (ISAF) in the supply of up to 2008 occurred predominantly from Pakistan. However, since the local extremists are almost daily attacks have prevented the ISAF logistics, alternative routes have to look after. Afghanistan’s northern neighbors, the various  excellent opportunity to do so, but there is only overland through Russia to get to Europe. In 2009, the year of convergence can be seen as a sign of Moscow’s first rail shipments transiting allowed, then a few months ago, mainly U.S., NATO  crosses as well.  Another area in which there is no progress without Russia, the Iranian nuclear developments. Moscow has so far of any major American initiative, which aimed at the United States, that Tehran give up – always denied – through research for military purposes. Today’s announcement after Medvedev administration expressed satisfaction for the statements were made immediately, and it is not accidental, if the local foreign commentators have accounted for a major diplomatic victory. Washington now needs Russia’s support is much greater than even a year earlier.  The 2009th Iran’s June presidential elections until after the much criticized President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may continue a policy, while the general opinion that the Iranian leadership has strengthened the influence of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. This body is charged, inter alia, the Iraqi Shiite militia, Hezbollah or Hamas support. The U.S. administration fears that Tehran will become more radical and accelerate the nuclear and ballistic missile development. Washington’s decision, however, not only the concerns raised in Prague and Warsaw, but all the eastern European members of NATO, Russia, who still held the potential military threat. The North Atlantic Alliance, there are two basic position in relation to the eastern neighbor. One group led Germany to a balanced and pragmatic relations seeks allies in the future and it basically looks Moscow. The other group are the Atlanticist countries there are people who – often because of past history – is not considered outdated Russian military threat in relation to talk.  In particular, the Baltic states and Poland, to play key role in the NATO mission has been underway since the fall of the Cold War and in spite of reflection, the task will continue to consider the potential to maintain a military capable of protecting all members of the traditional conflict.  In such circumstances, the East European states fear (and not just the Atlanticists), that Washington was moving closer to Moscow in order to sacrifice them, and to reduce even further the importance of the region is still very low in the United States. Barack Obama’s decision was perhaps the worst of the Poles. Warsaw, individual governments regardless of political orientation from the outset with the Atlanticist policy, and Washington, NATO’s presence in their country to guarantee the safety of the Russian threat. Accordingly, a major role in Poland as far as strength in Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In the latter area, as many troops as Spain or Italy, while political and economic terms, there is not a league with these countries.  What do you offer the American missile defense shield instead of driving? Acknowledging that the previous plan would have provided full protection, the new vision of a multi-platform development system based on first part of Iran from the short-range ballistic missile threat.  The Intercontinental, half the world is able to fly, 7 km / sec speed aircraft missiles for decades, researchers can capture, but has so far failed to secure the establishment of effectively functioning system (Moscow denies this connection, of course, its own system). The missile defense shield, which emerged after the withdrawal of any opinions nyilatkozatdömpingben also spoken to the technology evolves from a canceled program, similar to the current system will also be installed again. But Russian leaders probably the best liked the idea of a joint US-Russian defense establishment shield raised. That would be to re-sign to the world, especially the United States has in this area also need Russian help.


Here is some major findings and principles seem to apply to crisis management online. At first the web does not alter the universal principles of crisis management: responsiveness, humility, riding, etc.. But if the crisis is a site specific dimension, the crisis will host a web specialist.  The rapid flow of information online creates a temptation to rush to which he must resist crisis, we can not communicate when we have assembled a comprehensive level of information, which is the most often not the case at the beginning of crisis.  One difficulty lies in the proper evaluation of the impact of the web in the opinion. By multiplying the noise with infinite (or almost), the Web creates two potentially contradictory reactions within the company: the dramatization ( “you saw everything that was said on the web”) and the commoditization ( “de Anyway this is just the web “).  In a crisis of major media, the web’s role is secondary. The communication web Societe Generale at the time of the affair Kerviel is … Listed on official statements on the corporate website, and that’s all. From there, web resumes, commentary and analysis distilled the information in the “big” media. The specific need to talk to the public Web is low. Surgical procedures that involve a strategy on social media (responding to a comment, contact a blogger, etc..) Must be measured against the priorities (in case of great crisis, it speaks to the masses, then to the TV).  The choice to speak or not to eGovernment is the result of an equation between the part of the web of influence in the crisis and the specificity of online communities (although some stakeholders that are reachable through the web).  As crisis management offline, producing silence may be a target. A speech in crisis may revert to throw oil on the fire.  It is essential to distinguish fact from opinion. Because the facts are spreading faster than opinions, and because the company in crisis to meet interest on facts rather than entering a debate of opinion. The capture of speech must be aimed at correcting the most misinformation.  At the means, the minimum is the publication of official statements on the corporate website of the company. The mechanism of prevention must consider if the site is jumping and is replaced by a simple page with the statement.  The purchase of keywords to return on the corporate website should be considered: it is easy to implement and create a counterweight by directing users to the position of the company.  The idea of a blog crisis does not so obvious: the blog carries with it a promise of transparency and regularity of publication that is not obvious to take when you are in crisis and that the elements Information is difficult to obtain. Managing the crisis burgers on the blog of Michel Edouard Leclerc remains an exception. In contrast, using his Twitter account is a quick and viral to promote its position by referring to its corporate website, especially as bloggers and online journalists are numerous on Twitter. Twitter seems particularly as one of the best ways to fight against misinformation and can answer individual questions from users, thus displaying his attention.  More generally, web and social media are important ways to keep the public informed of its most committed (subscribers, members of the Facebook group …)  The video is an excellent way to feed the Web and humanize communication, hot as during the crisis. Review the example of the “promise” of JetBlue boss two years ago. The guy is sincere, has not slept for a week … you believe much more than reading a press release impersonal. All bets on online social media and the corporate website must reflect the keywords searched by users in order to promote their position in natural search. In a crisis the web is also a golf day, which helps to understand the thoughts in real time and adjust its strategy (off and on) in office.

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