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If you belonged to my generation, you would have seen at least the Japanese Samurai movies if not have played all those hordes of computer simulated Samurai games. What do you remember most about the fearless Samurai warriors? Their mask, or shield or is it the sword they pullout with such swift action from their back? Yes, it is the sword, the long, slightly curved one at that. If you wonder what weapon is synonymous with samurai warriors, then this is it. The Samurai carried a variety of weapons like bows & arrows and spears etc but his most famous weapon was always the sword.

The most famous one amongst all samurai warrior weapons is known as Katana, which even the little kids are aware of. Katana swords are somewhat curved samurai weapon types, with sharpened edge being on the convex side. They are in use during the early Ashikaga period (1333-1474). It was one of the samurai warrior weapons used by Samurai warriors like the Bushi class, almost always with a shorter version of its longer self, known as Wakizashi.

A Little Bit Of History
Samurai warriors are well known all through the history for strict martial code, intricately built robust armor and characteristic katana sword. Unfortunately, in the modern era, the culture as a whole and samurai warfare is greatly misunderstood. In fight over land and power was almost an everyday affair and when not fighting amongst themselves, they were either invading Koreans or Chinese or defending their waters against counter attacks from them.

Another weapon almost synonymous with Samurai warriors is Naginata, which is a shaft or pole weapon with a blade. Samurai warriors used Naginata as a weapon to stab and/or fend away enemies in a large circle because of its length and a well-balanced construction. A weapon used in Bhutan is similar to Naginata.


Now we know Bruce Willis, who is 55, and Emma Heming, 30, are probably not just dating 😉

She is a British model and a possible future actress and he is an award winning actor and singer. Willis became really famous in the late 80s when he played a role in first movie ‘Die Hard’.

Willis was married to actress Demi Moore. They have had three daughter together, but the union ended in divorce after 13 years. He has played mostly first roles in over 60 films, including some really famous blockbusters. Emma Heming – a role in ‘Perfect Stranger‘, same movie (probably no coincidence) Bruce starred in together with Halle Berry.

Bruce really seems to stuck on dark skinned, brown eyed and dark haired women. His ex-wife Demi and present gf Emma Heming really have a something in common. We know that Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Demi’s husband Ashton Kutcher have a really not the usual relationship. And really the are a happy family. But now Bruce is not alone and hopefully they will find a place for ane more member.

Now both Moore and Willis have probably understood that they are lookin for young partners. The age difference tells for itself – 26 yr between Emma and Bruce and 15 yr between Demi and Ashton.

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