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Michelle Obama is no more a novice in politics but a fair game. She has opened up rather lately but her viewpoints, character and her egalitarian standpoint, as wife of Barack Obama are a revelation. She has been busy raising Barack Obama daughters all these years and not much was known about her unlike about Cindy Mccain who could well have been the First Lady. Whatever it is, for whatever Barack Obama is today and this moment, the credit must be given to this strong black lady, Michelle Obama.


Michelle Obama is no damned dumb straddler in public life. I am awe stricken by the huge responsibility lying ahead of her; for one, she has to raise Barack Obama daughters with ever the more care besides discharging her duties, whatever that may mean, carefully. Whew, this time the First Lady is walking a tightrope in real sense and more so because of being the first black woman to be in that position. Barack Obama daughters now go to the University of Chicago Lab School.


Michelle Obama, in a way was no stranger to Barrack Obama, the now president elect. She has met Obama when they were working in a law firm in Chicago and were amongst very few African Americans there. For those who don’t know, she mentored Obama during his internship in the law firm, and it was she who took Barack Obama to their first business lunch. Retrospectively, you may say, wow, what a mentoring that really was about this woman of character!


It may not be relevant but it itches to compare Michelle Obama with Cindy Mccain but I wouldn’t go as far as that. But it really pays to recall how the First Lady conducted herself during the long drawn electioneering. It’s time America moved ahead with changes Obama so famously brought in without looking back.


John McCain’s crusade is showing appal across a NY Times news report that centers on Cindy McCain’s spousal relationship to the AZ senator, including her abortions, her past time dependency to analgesics and her failure in Washington D.C. to harmonise.

The political campaign scandal surfaces the bounders from a letter Cindy McCain’s lawyer, J Dowd, published in the beginning this calendar month to NYTimes Executive Editor B. Keller charging him of unfair reporting for not following more data on Obama’s personal life.

The McCain encampment gave the letter to FOX News on Sat, the same twenty-four hours the opus was issued. Besides the letter, the McCain expelled a blistering criticism of the narrative, naming it “gutter journalism at its worst – an unprecedented attack on a presidential candidate’s spouse.”

The NY Times fought back its reporting of both presidential wannabes and the report on Cindy McCain.

The McCain encampment as well convicted N Y Times newsperson Jodi Kantor, who co-wrote the characteristic, for netmailing a 16-yr old acquaintance of the McCain’s smallest kid, attempting additional data about Cindy McCain.

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