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The Iranian Armed Forces have successfully conducted Monday to fire a missile Sejil two floors of a range of 2,000 km, as part of a military exercise.
Hossein Salami, the air force commander of the Revolutionary Guards, the regime’s ideological army, told Press TV that the missile had been tested Sejil conjunction with the launching of Shahab-3 missile, also with a range of 2000 kilometers . Both missiles are capable of reaching Israeli territory distant about 1000 kilometers. Secret military program? On May 20, Iran had already proceeded to launch a missile Sejil from the region of Semnan, east of Tehran. A U.S. official had said the shooting was apparently a success. This November 12, 2008 that Iran had announced for the first time have tested this type of gear, missile called “new generation”. The Sejil has “two floors with two engines, uses solid fuel and has combined extraordinary capabilities and very high,” he had said on that occasion the former defense minister, Mohammad Ali Najar. Previously, Hossein Salami had also warned Israel and the West, which accuses Iran of seeking to build atomic weapons under cover of its civilian nuclear program. “I am not a diplomat but (…) I speak as a commander of a military unit (…). Faced with threats against the existence, independence, freedom and values of the system (Islam), our answer will be direct, firm and destructive, “he said.  “We are ready to face threats, fully determined and these exercises correspond to existing threats,” had he added. The Israeli and American officials have not ruled out the military option to stop Iran’s nuclear program ..

The East European states fear (and not just the Atlanticists), that Washington was moving closer to Moscow in order to sacrifice them, and to reduce even further the importance of the region is still very low in the United States. Barack Obama’s decision was perhaps the worst of the Poles. advertisement Barack Obama recent decision to the United States withdraws from the much debated and Eastern Europe to install anti-ballistic missile defense system installation, arrange a number of areas in Washington’s foreign policy.


The official announcement is in the background that the proposed system on the one hand it is already unable to fulfill the tasks which have been established, and Iran has intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) rather than medium-and short-range missile development has placed the emphasis in recent times. The Czech Republic (radar), Poland (rocket) and a yet unnamed Middle Eastern country (an early detection radar system) to install complex from the beginning there were a number of critics, saying, in addition to the suspected Iranian nuclear atomic bombs were not able to protect the United States, even the extra sensitive issues between Washington and Russia in NATO against the tuner. The installation of the withdrawal decision in this context should be investigated. The Obama administration’s action since the appreciation of relations with Moscow. The Medvedev-management in many ways seems indispensable to the West. One reason is Afghanistan, where the gradually growing international force (ISAF) in the supply of up to 2008 occurred predominantly from Pakistan. However, since the local extremists are almost daily attacks have prevented the ISAF logistics, alternative routes have to look after. Afghanistan’s northern neighbors, the various  excellent opportunity to do so, but there is only overland through Russia to get to Europe. In 2009, the year of convergence can be seen as a sign of Moscow’s first rail shipments transiting allowed, then a few months ago, mainly U.S., NATO  crosses as well.  Another area in which there is no progress without Russia, the Iranian nuclear developments. Moscow has so far of any major American initiative, which aimed at the United States, that Tehran give up – always denied – through research for military purposes. Today’s announcement after Medvedev administration expressed satisfaction for the statements were made immediately, and it is not accidental, if the local foreign commentators have accounted for a major diplomatic victory. Washington now needs Russia’s support is much greater than even a year earlier.  The 2009th Iran’s June presidential elections until after the much criticized President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may continue a policy, while the general opinion that the Iranian leadership has strengthened the influence of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. This body is charged, inter alia, the Iraqi Shiite militia, Hezbollah or Hamas support. The U.S. administration fears that Tehran will become more radical and accelerate the nuclear and ballistic missile development. Washington’s decision, however, not only the concerns raised in Prague and Warsaw, but all the eastern European members of NATO, Russia, who still held the potential military threat. The North Atlantic Alliance, there are two basic position in relation to the eastern neighbor. One group led Germany to a balanced and pragmatic relations seeks allies in the future and it basically looks Moscow. The other group are the Atlanticist countries there are people who – often because of past history – is not considered outdated Russian military threat in relation to talk.  In particular, the Baltic states and Poland, to play key role in the NATO mission has been underway since the fall of the Cold War and in spite of reflection, the task will continue to consider the potential to maintain a military capable of protecting all members of the traditional conflict.  In such circumstances, the East European states fear (and not just the Atlanticists), that Washington was moving closer to Moscow in order to sacrifice them, and to reduce even further the importance of the region is still very low in the United States. Barack Obama’s decision was perhaps the worst of the Poles. Warsaw, individual governments regardless of political orientation from the outset with the Atlanticist policy, and Washington, NATO’s presence in their country to guarantee the safety of the Russian threat. Accordingly, a major role in Poland as far as strength in Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In the latter area, as many troops as Spain or Italy, while political and economic terms, there is not a league with these countries.  What do you offer the American missile defense shield instead of driving? Acknowledging that the previous plan would have provided full protection, the new vision of a multi-platform development system based on first part of Iran from the short-range ballistic missile threat.  The Intercontinental, half the world is able to fly, 7 km / sec speed aircraft missiles for decades, researchers can capture, but has so far failed to secure the establishment of effectively functioning system (Moscow denies this connection, of course, its own system). The missile defense shield, which emerged after the withdrawal of any opinions nyilatkozatdömpingben also spoken to the technology evolves from a canceled program, similar to the current system will also be installed again. But Russian leaders probably the best liked the idea of a joint US-Russian defense establishment shield raised. That would be to re-sign to the world, especially the United States has in this area also need Russian help.

North Korea nuclear test

The presidency authorized likewise unveiled that N Korea advised the Department of State less than one hr earlier the detonation that it specified to bear an atomic try at an such-and-such time. The U.S.A.. Past advised Republic of China, Russian Federation, Japan and S Korea, the official alleged. The U.S. government could still adjudicate to revive alleged 6 party blabs with the N if work with additional members of the UN. N Korea has consecrated not to restart engagement in the 6 party talkings with the United States., South Korea, Japan, Russia and China. 2 of the chief cares astir N Korea are allowed swallowed: Would it employ an atomic bomb to aggress a neighbour or the U.S.? And could it carry on a based figure of trading atomic wherewith and projectiles to alien emptors? Graham Allison, an helper Defense Secretary in the Bill Clinton presidential term and today director of the Belfer Center and world affairs at Harvard said this Mon that the external profession on a regular basis lowballs N Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s willingness to do the unforeseen.

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