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HUSTLER says “Nailin’ Paylin” is a “dirty adventure to the wild side of that sexy Alaska governor,” featuring “girl-on-girl lovin’,” “nailing the Russians, who come knocking on her back-door,” and a younger Palin getting seduced by her college creationist professor who “will explain a ‘big bang’ theory even she can’t deny!” Also included: a three-way hardcore sex scene starring Palin/Paylin, Hillary Clinton, and Condoleeza Rice. Wow. We’ll check that. And if it is true we find out some screenshots.

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Interview with actress, some video from backstage and more info here:


Saturday Night Live on October 11 did not air as scheduled. There was a re-run of the latest episode with host Michael Phelps and Lil Wayne as a musical guest.

Lil Wayne had performed his hit – “Got Money” on Saturday Night. For him, latest highlight was definitely his birthday party. There a lot of hot news about how Lil celebrated his 26th birthday, in Florida  this week. Wayne’s producer – Birdman, gave him a Louis Vuitton suitcase, filled with $100 and other bills. He had packed one million bucks into that suitcase for Lil Wayne. Lil’s eyes were wet as he hugged his producer.

Party took place at th Miami Mansion:
In the center there was a ice sculpture with frozen $100 bills inside.

The theme of the party was MONEY!!

OK. Back to SNL. The next episode scheduled for October 25 where Sarah Palin is set to make an appearance. And BTW it’s SNL’s 33rd anniversary. On Saturday October 11 1975 was broadcast for the first time. George Carlin was the guest host.

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