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As Elton John hosted his sixteenth Annual Advanta World Team Tennis Smash Hits event over the weekend to benefit people living with AIDS, tennis hottie Andy Roddick came up offering that was impossible to resist.

The sexy Andy Roddick was there to auction a private, hour-long tennis lesson to the highest bidder when he, to make this deal more interesting, offered to take off his shirt for the “one-on-one instruction.”

Finally, the recently engaged Andy offered to give the lesson — totally nude! One female fan won with $15,000 bid. OMG!


The Bank of America: Chicago Marathon starts on Sunday in high expected temperatures (78 degrees). Last year it was even hotter – 88 degrees, experts stressed Saturday that hydration is important under any conditions.

Health and fitness briefing took place at McCormic Place. Experts informed sportsmen that they should have own hydration strategy based on how much they sweat, their level of training in the heat and outside temperatures. A scientist at the Barrington Gatorade Sports Institute Craig Horswill said: “A steady trickle is what you want!”

When the race starts at 8 a.m. in the morning , 63 degrees were expected and rise to 76 by afternoon.
Chicago Marathon officials have added 5 aid stations this time, and a lot more water and Gatorade on the race course. The drinks may be available but you must be smart in how to use them.

You can find Chicago Marathon route and street closures on the map.


Searchable marathon results here:

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