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This is the big question: Where do I vote? This is a legitimate question, and you are not alone asking- Am I registered to vote and if yes where to vote at all. Don’t loose heart, you can find an answer to your question Am I registered to vote.


Am I Registered To Vote Minnesota

If you remember where you voted the last presidential election, even if you have moved since then, it is possible that you are allowed to vote in your present city of residence. However, you need to pre-register in your city of present living. If time was on your side, you could have contacted your local election campaign office or more specifically the township offices to check in detail. However, there is no let-up in the voter registration norm regardless of anything. Generally speaking, when you get your address changed at the local DMV they give a voter registration card.

If you are living in Minnesota at present times, you can probably find answers to your questions like voting locations, voter registration besides trying to find anwer to basically the Am I registered to vote Minnesota question by logging on to the voter profile finder


Voter Registration New York

If you are still unsure about voting locations till the date of vote comes close, you have only one place to turn to. It is your local election campaign office where you can avail answers to all your queries like Am I registered to vote, voting locations, what is a provisional ballot and whether you are eligible to it and all related queries besides asking for help with your registration in case you eventually find out you are not after you check voter registration.


Search for Voter Registration Status finder web page for your county and inmy opinion, this is the most reliable way to find out “Am I registered to vote?”


I am sure many of you will have hundreds of questions about this year’s presidential elections and voting times. Here is the answer for all your questions that you can use and tell your friends who are also in a state of quandary about voting times in their states. The voting times are different for different states. If you are a resident of Connecticut and wondering what time do polls open in Connecticut, here it is, polls open at 7 am and close at 7 pm But voting is expected to be heavier between 7 and 7:30 am and it will pick up again after four pm.


What Time Do Polls Open In New York City? The timing is same time for the New York City as it is for Connecticut. The polling time in New York City opens at 7 am and closes at 7 pm. It would be better for you to poll your vote after 9 am but before 4 pm if you are staying back at home because office goers are expected to rush to polling stations as soon as they open at 7 am and after 4 pm when many of them return from work.


What Time Can I Vote? If you are concerned about what time can I vote, the best time for you to vote will be when the initial rush is over. Helen Harper, The Election Superintendent and Probate Judge, expects a heavy traffic rush during the peak polling hours, that is from 7 am to 8:30 am and again after 4 pm. This will also relieve you from standing in long queues. In general, residents who do not work are advised to cast their vote after 9 am and before 4 pm so that they can poll their votes peacefully.

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